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New Jersey Shrink Wrap Knowledge 


   I'm sure you have seen the White Shiny plastic cover on boats before! Living at the Jersey Shore we are practically surrounded by them. And more recently the Blue Shrink Wrap has become very popular as it maintains heat to help shed Ice and Snow during winter months. But have you ever wished there was a way to protect your Lawn Furniture, the Pool Pump, a Fire Pit, maybe you have a Fountain, Pool Slide, or even your Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen? Well guess what there is a tried and tested way to protect ANYTHING from the Weather Elements! And its called Shrink Wrap! Its been around for decades in the marine industry and is now making headway in every industry including Residential Homes, Commercial Property, Military Equipment, Automobile Preservation, Storage, Transport, Amusement Parks and so many other great applications. 

Is all Shrink Wrap built the same? Shrink Wrap comes in many sizes, thicknesses and types of material so it can be applied properly to any application. A leaky roof can be covered with our 7 or 8 Mil Standard Shrink Wrap  or to cover electronics with our VCI shrink wrap to prevent corrosion on metal surfaces, fire retardant wrap perfect for cargo and pallets is also available and it will extinguish itself in just 4 seconds after flame is removed. So no matter what you need to preserve Jersey Shore Shrink Wrap has you covered! 

How long will it last? Shrink Wrap products are good for 1 to 2 years of protection! We give a 1 year guarantee on our Standard outdoor shrink wrap and Fire Retardant wrap, our VCI Anti-Corrosion is 2 year. That is backed by the largest manufacturer in the world, based right here in the USA.

Do I bring my items to you? We are Full Service and come right to your home or job site. We do have a warehouse location in North Dover Toms River NJ on Rt 9, 4 miles south of rt 70. We typically provide estimates over the phone so theirs no hidden surprises. To give the best quote for your shrink wrap needs we ask you to fill out our quick quote form and email or text a picture so we can honor our initial quote price. If you have approx dimensions that would be ideal information to gauge the cost.  

Will it end up in a landfill? Definitely not, most townships have adopted recycling programs and Wrap can be dropped off at your local municipal. We can also provide a recycle bag with pre-paid shipping label at a small fee and the product will make it back to the proper recycle center. JSSR only use virgin resin wrap so it wont be turned back into shrink wrap but there are thousands of other products its then used to make. 

Back Yard Furniture Wrap

Fully encapsulated patio furniture. Vents are added for airflow. Guaranteed to stay tight and keep UV Rays, Dust, Snow, Water, Ice off your outdoor kitchen, grill, fire pit, lawn furniture, even your RV all year! 

Jet Engine

VCI Shrink Wrap typically comes in gray and can be used to wrap even the most expensive electronic components. Includes a 2 year manufacture guarantee on corrosion inhibiting.  


Classic White Shrink Wrap can be used in almost any situation. It has UV inhibitors, reflect light and will stay super tight for at least a year. We can even add access zipper doors or windows to fit any entry way. Sky is the limit! So what do you need shrink wrapped?

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