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Get Shielded

From the Elements... 

Professional Mobile Shrink Wrap Service     (Since 2017)

Why Shrink Wrap?
Why Choose J.S.S.W?
What do you Wrap? 

Shrink Wrap protects against the elements for storage or transport of outdoor items. It is made of Polymer Plastic, when the correct amount of heat is applied it Shrinks. Making the plastic cover much stronger. It can withstand over 300 pounds per sq ft. Allows for Heavy Snow loads High Winds, UV Rays, Animals all to be harmless to properly installed shrink wrap. Don't let your investment get damaged by using cheap tarps  that fail. Your days of using flower pots to hold tarps are over! You'll be amazed how cost effective it is to have it protected by Jersey Shore Shrink Wrap! 

  • Its Dust, Water, Snow, UV and Ice Proof! 

  • 100% virgin resin provides maximum UV protection. 

  • Tarps will blow away, leak and chafe. {Expensive patio furniture covers will hold snow and ice until they collapse sink in to furniture and expel moisture. Please don't call us then it to late.} 

  • Cost Effective 

  • Easy to recycle

  • Can be used on any project!

  • You cant afford NOT to shrink wrap! 

Jersey Shore Shrink Wrap started in 2017. We have several years of experience. We service Patio Furniture, Kitchens, Gazebos, Boats and more!

  • We are Fully Licensed by State of NJ!  We have active Workers Compensation, Commercial Auto, and Liability Insurance Policies.( Ask any other competitor there likely under/uninsured, hence teaser rate. That's a consumers choice. Be informed when making your decision.

  • 7 Seasons of Experience! 5 Star rated! There are fly by companies ever year with Shrink Wrap. Its a 12 week season. We always have the same name and professionalism.  We are to be trusted and relied upon! 

  • High Quality Plastic Materials made in USA. 7mil thickness. 

  • Physical Location. We offer drive up boat wraps on Saturdays! And you know where we are if need us. 

  • We appreciate the opportunity to provide our service! We promise 100% satisfaction and no hidden cost. 


We can Wrap just about anything! However we specialize in these main categories. Will be happy to discuss your needs! Our service is mobile so we come to you. Jersey Shore Shrink Wrap services all of Ocean and Monmouth counties.


  • Patio Furniture - Pool Equipment - Fire Pits

  • Outdoor Kitchens - Fountains 

  • Cargo - Transport

  • Boats up to 25 ft 

  • Personal Water Craft

  • Cars - RVs - Trailers 

  • Machinery

  • Industrial 

  • Residential - Commercial Applications

                     So How Much? 

 Cost is based on Time Invested, Skill Level Required, Logistics, Hazards and Material cost.     


 Email, Text pics, or Call for a quote.

            - Patio Furniture Starts at $200

            - Boats 250, Motor No Upcharge

            - Waverunner $200, Double $250

            - Tiki Bars/Gazebo Start at $250

            - Outdoor Kitchens Start at $200



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